Alexander Ogg

M, b. 1852
  • Birth*: Alexander Ogg was born in 1852.

William Ogg

M, b. 1856
  • Birth*: William Ogg was born in 1856.

David Ogg

M, b. 1859
  • Birth*: David Ogg was born in 1859.

Mary Ann Ogg

F, b. 1862
  • Birth*: Mary Ann Ogg was born in 1862.

Donald Ogg

M, b. 1865, d. 1924
  • Marriage*: Donald Ogg married Agnes Falconer Black.
  • Birth*: Donald Ogg was born in 1865.
  • Death*: He died in 1924.

Agnes Falconer Black

  • Marriage*: Agnes Falconer Black married Donald Ogg.

Family: Donald Ogg b. 1865, d. 1924

Clara Reid Ogg

F, b. 1902
  • Birth*: Clara Reid Ogg was born in 1902.

Helen Paterson Ogg

F, b. 1904
  • Birth*: Helen Paterson Ogg was born in 1904.

Alexander Thomas Ogg

M, b. 1907
  • Birth*: Alexander Thomas Ogg was born in 1907.

Barbara Anderson Cuthbert

  • Marriage*: Barbara Anderson Cuthbert married Robert Ogg.

Family: Robert Ogg b. 1846

Alexander James Ogg

M, b. 1869
  • Birth*: Alexander James Ogg was born in 1869.

Mary Jane Ogg

F, b. 1872
  • Birth*: Mary Jane Ogg was born in 1872.

Jane Christie

F, b. circa 1820

Family: Robert Ogg b. 1808, d. 9 Jan 1882

Mary Meffan

F, b. 21 May 1820, d. 7 January 1910

Family: Alexander Ogg b. 14 Nov 1821, d. 13 Jan 1878

David Gibson

M, b. 1847

Family: Betsy Meffan Ogg b. 1850


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John Cobb


Family: Isabel Ogg b. 24 Jan 1777


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John Cobb

M, b. circa 15 March 1800
  • Birth*: John Cobb was born circa 15 March 1800.

John Martin1


Family: Elizabeth Lizzie Ogg b. 12 Jul 1791


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Thomas Mitchell

M, b. circa April 1780
  • Birth*: Thomas Mitchell was born circa April 1780.
  • Christening: He was christened on 20 April 1780 at Rescobie, Angus, Scotland.

David Mitchell

M, b. circa October 1781
  • Birth*: David Mitchell was born circa October 1781.
  • Christening: He was christened on 2 October 1781 at Rescobie, Angus, Scotland.

John Easton1

M, b. 24 September 1799, d. 1 January 1888
  • Residence*: John Easton lived at Logan County, OH, USA.
    John Easton house in 2009
    Barn on John Easton farm, 2009
  • Note*: JOHN EASTON, farmer; Bellefontaine, Prominent among the toil-worn veterans and pioneers of this township is "Uncle John" Easton, of whom, and his wife, portraits appear in this work. He was born in Shelby Co., Ky., Sept. 24, 1799, born to Redwood and Polly (McMichael) Easton; he was born in Rhode Island several years prior to the Revolution; his wife was born near Richmond, Va. They emigrated to Kentucky during the early historical events of that State. John emigrated to this State in 1803, on pack horses, making their way through the pathless forests, occasionally guided by Indian trails and landmarks well-known to those hardy woodmen. Many times their only guide was the moss on the trees and the course of the sun. In passing through Cincinnati there were but three or four log cabins of that (to-day) large city. Their first stopping-place was north of Cincinnati thirty-five miles, at a place called Waynesville; here his father taught school about two years; the family then wended their way northward until they reached Montgomery Co; here Ire entered some land, where he staved but a short time anti returned to Waynesville; then to Clarke Co., where they remained until 1825. John learned the tanner's trade at Urbana, which he afterwards abandoned, and turned nod iris attention to farming pursuits. After corning to Logan Co., in 1825, he rented land of Isaac Zane for three years; during his sojourn here was married Dec. 6, 1827, to Charlotte Plummer, who was born in Kentucky, Oct. 28, 1803. She was a daughter of James and Nancy Plummer. In 1831 he settled on the farm where his son William now lives, remaining about twenty years, and cleared up that farm; in 1851 he located on the farm he now owns, which embraces 490 acres. When he began for himself his mother gave him a bed; he worked and obtained money to buy him one cow and a horse, the latter died when he went after his license to get married; having a few dollars left after paying for his license, he spent the remainder for a few meagre necessaries to begin keeping house with. He is, to-day, one of the affluent and prominent farmers in the township, and has raised a family that would be an honor to any man, all of whom are settled about him and are prosperous farmers.2
  • Birth*: He was born on 24 September 1799 at Shelby County, KY, USA.1,3
  • Marriage*: He married Charlotte Plummer on 6 December 1827.
  • Census*: John Easton appeared on the census of 1850 at Jefferson Twnp, Logan County, OH, USA.4
  • Death*: He died on 1 January 1888 at age 88.3
  • Burial*: He was buried after 1 January 1888 at Zanesfield, Logan County, OH, USAG.3
    John Easton gravestone, Zanesfield Cemetery

Family 1: Charlotte Plummer b. 29 Oct 1805, d. 24 Aug 1870

Family 2:


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Maria Gertraudt Althaus1

F, b. 19 February 1761, d. 6 April 1840

Family: Johann Heinrich Pfeil b. 12 Aug 1757, d. Aug 1834


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Gabriel Althaus

M, b. 27 January 1737, d. 8 July 1816

Family: Maria Elisabeth Benner b. 26 Dec 1734, d. 27 Mar 1808


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