Hermann Kissner

M, b. 8 February 1856, d. 9 May 1922
  • Note: Wife Amelia Brosch. Father Louis Kissner, mother Augusta Greene.1
  • Occupation*: Farmer.1
  • Residence*: Hermann Kissner lived.
    Hermann Kissner family house
  • Note*: ...Uncle Herman was the youngest of all the Kissner boys and I got to know him very, very well.. Herman must have been the last one born in Germany and was very young when the family made the trip to America. He grew to manhood at Owatonna and I'd judge he was the strongest of them all. He was six foot tall and weighed about 190 pounds, not fat, just bone and muscle. I remember Uncle Herman visited us at Sleepy Eye on two occassions. I always admired him physically and his manner of speech--the comical expressions that he used. At Owatonna he grew up in quite an English settlement and at school he was about the only 'dutch' boy as they nicknamed him 'sauerkraut'. He did not like it any too well but had to take it. They had to be quite careful though not to go too far as he was about the strongest one at school and they all knew it.
    Uncle Herman's second visit was full grown and in the prime of life but still single. At Sleepy Eye he had six places to visit--four brothers and two sisters. At Uncle Radetzke's he must have found the most interesting place as there was a house full of boys growing up. It was wintertime so Uncle Herman and some of the Radetzke boys went jackrabbit hunting. I imagine they made quite a round and then crossed one of the yards in the neighborhood. This place had quite a number of boys and girls and they asked the hunters to come in and warm up which they very willingly did. Amelia, the oldest of the girls, was sewing. I knew Amelia, rosy cheeks, medium size and a picture of health. Uncle Herman got his eye on her and she was the one. It was just a matter of weeks and there was a wedding. She packedup and went with him to Owatonna. Now the years of adjustment and which was to win? Until now their lives had been so different. Aunt Amelia was not used to the environment at Owatonna with the dancing, card playing and always a keg of beer on hand with the men drinking more than they should. She just could not adjust herself so as to feel satisfied. At last she suggested to Nerman that they sell out there and move to Sleepy Eye. The idea must not have stuck Uncle Herman too bad and so she started to size up the problem from different angles. Their farm was in the woods and a lot of work grubbing trees was still to be done. At Sleepy Eye he could buy a clean prairie farm so that did not look too bad. Finally that was what he did. This happened about 1884 or '85 just at the time Uncle August was looking for a buyer for his farm as he wanted to move to Texas. So Uncle Herman bought August's farm right across the road from our place. We got to see Uncle Herman real often and here is where they raised their family of seven boys and three girls. Uncle Herman was only 66 years of age when he died from some ailment in the lower part of his body. Aunt Amelia soon followed in the 66th year of her life. She had an open sore on her leg for quite some time and one day a blood vessel burst and she bled to death before help could arrive. Now both are at rest in the Sleepy Eye cemetary... Now I've been on the fence whether I should try to describe them as to their religious life or not. There are chances that I'd have most of them all wrong. I can say that as a whole they were a God fearing people. But most of them did not get to be devout Christians until middle age or later in life. I've already mentioned how Uncle August and Uncle Charlie got to be devout churchmen or Christians and must say they surely lived it all the days of their lives. Seems religion is a personal matter. No one in the world can do it fore you. You have to decide for youself. Most outstanding to me was how Uncle Herman, in middle age or life, made such a change. When he first arrived from Owatonna he practiced the same way of life as he lived before. He really shoed the young people a jolly good time. He had built a new bar and every so often he'd arrange for a real social dance, with of course a keg of beer. He was a good accordian player so he could furnish the music. It got out of hand when some outsiders crowded in just to make trouble. They got into fights to the extent that they ran after each other iwth jack-knives. This was more than he really wanted but that was the life he lived. On the other side was the church the doctrine of true religion. Many times Uncle Herman would come over and he and Father would talk about religion. I was just getting old enough to kind of know what it was all about. As they were now at Sleepy Eye, Aunt Amelia wanted to go to her church at least once in a while. Uncle Herman was so opposed that he strictly forbid her. He'd just 'have none of that."
    There was a gang of men that would hang around town and the soloons until 10 or 11 o'clock and Uncle Herman would be one of them. There were revival meetings down at the little church and one evening he got the idea to go down there once and really see what those people had. Uncle Herman was naturally musical and their joyful singing thrilled his soul. Then the gospel was preached pure and simple and he could see nothing wrong with that. He got out of there but at least gave those people that much of a complement that he thought them probably right anyway. he got interested enough to go at other time. One evening I happened to be with him and after we had unhitched our team and were on our way to the church he stopped and said, "Louis, it seems there is no other way. If we want to be saved we have to get converted." That night he and I both went forward to the altar of the church and got to be seekers of righteousness. Scripture says "seek and ye shall find." It took months but at last we did find. My father had been under conviction for years but just would not give in. As Uncle Herman took the lead he came too and what different men they were after that! Uncle Herman got to be a class leader and a diligent student of scripture. It seems Romans, Chapter 8 was his favorite. (You look itup and see what it says). I do not know how many times Uncle Herman told me, how I am not afraid to die. I happened to be at his bedside just a few days before he left us and what he had told me so many times held true to the end.2
  • Birth*: He was born on 8 February 1856 at Ratschin, Smotschin, Prussia.3,4
  • Immigration*: He immigrated circa 1862.
  • Marriage*: He married Amelia Prosch on 8 January 1884 at Sleepy Eye, Brown County, MN, USAG.5,3
    Herman and Amelia Kissner
  • Naturalization*: Hermann Kissner was naturalized on 15 June 1897 at New Ulm, Brown County, MN, USAG; Renounce the Emperor of Germany.6
  • Death*: He died on 9 May 1922 at Sleepy Eye, Brown County, MN, USAG, at age 66.1
  • CauseDeath: Noted as Carcinoma of bladder.1
  • Burial*: He was buried after 9 May 1922 at Sleepy Eye, Brown County, MN, USA.7
    Herman Kissner gravestone, Home Cemetery. Photo courtesy of CL Kissner.
  • ObituaryText: Herman Kissner passed away at his home here Tuesday morning at 10:30 after an illness of some length. Mr. Kissner had the best of medical attention but the nature of his disease was such that little could be done to prolong life. Mr. Kissner was one of the early settlers of this community and lived the Christian life in the service of his maker. He was one of the recently elected members of the board of trustees of the Evangelical church and has taken an active part in church work until the time of his last illness. Funeral services will be held Friday at the Evangelical church and interment will be made in the Home cemetery. Rev. Werner will conduct the services. A complete obituary will be given in the next issue of this paper.8
  • ObituaryText: Herman Kissner was born in Germany and came to this country when but a small boy. With his parents he lived in Steel county for some years. About 38 years ago he came to Brown County and engaged in farming. He was united in marriage to Miss Amelia Prosch, and to this union eleven children were born, seven boys and four girls, namely: William, Herbert, Alfred, John, Louis, Harold and Milton; Mrs. Albert Goede, of Sanborn; Mrs. Fred Harmening, of Redfield, SD; Miss Verna at home and one daughter who passed away some years ago. Mr. Kissner is also survived by two sisters and one brother, Mrs. Fred Redetzke of Echo and Mrs. August Utecht or this city and William Kissner of Mohall, Okla. Funeral services were conducted last Friday at the Evangelical church and throngs of friends gathered to pay a last homage to the deceased. Rev. Werner and Rev. Melzian officiated at the funeral and interment was made in the Home cemetery.9
  • Misc*: He was His children about 1951 in 1951.
    Herman Kissner children: (Left to right) William, Harold, Hulda, Milton, Ella, Alfred, Verna, John

Family: Amelia Prosch b. 16 Nov 1864, d. 2 Aug 1931


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Amelia Prosch

F, b. 16 November 1864, d. 2 August 1931
  • Occupation*: Housewife.1
  • Birth*: Amelia Prosch was born on 16 November 1864 at Eden Township, Fond du Lac County, WI, USA.2,1,3
  • Marriage*: She married Hermann Kissner on 8 January 1884 at Sleepy Eye, Brown County, MN, USAG.2,4
    Herman and Amelia Kissner
  • CauseDeath: Noted as hemorrhage - ruptured varicose vein anterio-medial surgace left leg, 30 min. contributory: senility several years.1
  • Death*: Amelia Prosch died on 2 August 1931 at Sleepy Eye, Brown County, MN, USAG, at age 66.1
  • Burial*: She was buried on 5 August 1931 at Sleepy Eye, Brown County, MN, USAG.1,5
    Amelia Kissner gravestone, Home Cemetery. Photo courtesy of CL Kissner, FindAGrave member #47611258
  • ObituaryText: Native of Wisconsin passed away Sunday at Farm home in Prairieville Township. Death again took its toll from the ranks of pioneer women of this community Sunday when Mrs. Amelia Kissner passed away at the farm home of her sons, Louis and Harold, in Prairieville township. Mrs. Kissner had been in good health until the day of her death, and shortly previous to her sudden demise had been looking over flowers and plants in the garden near the house. She was suddenly stricken with a hemorrhage, brought about by infirmities of her advanced age, and passed away quietly a few minutes later. Mrs. Amelia Kissner, nee Prosch, was a native of Wisconsin, having been born in Fon du Lac October 16, 1864. She was 66 years, 9 months and 16 days of age when she passed away. She immigrated to this state with her parents in the early 80's, settling on a farm northeast of town. In 1884 she was united in marriage to Herman Kissner, who preceded her in death in 1922. Following their marriage, the couple made their home in Prairieville township, northwest of Sleepy Eye moving to town about ten years ago. Eleven children were born to the couple, a girl passing away in infancy. The surviving children are Hulda (Mrs Albert Goedde) of Lamberton; William of Prairieville township; Herbert of Bordger, Texas; Ella (Mrs Fred Harmening) of Redfield, South Dakota; Alfred of Redfield, Sout Dakota; John and Louis of this community; Verna (Mrs Erwin Schutt) of Britton, South Dakota; Harold and Milton of this community. A sister, Mrs. Gus Bruess, of this city survives together with frive brothers, namely; John Prosch of Aitkin, Gustav Prosch of Arabee, Colorado; Charles Prosch of Portland, Oregon; and Albert and Henry Prosch of Nicollet. There are also 25 grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Wiener at the home at 1:30 yesterday (Wednesday) and in Zion Evangelical church at 2:30. Interment was made in Home cemetery. Mrs. Kissner was a devout member of the Evangelical church here for many years and was also an active member of the Ladies Aid Society. Pall bearers were George Moll, George Dreher, August Sasse, Charles Remus, William Sommerfeld and Emil Sommerfeld.2

Family: Hermann Kissner b. 8 Feb 1856, d. 9 May 1922


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Edith A Richmond

F, b. 26 April 1873, d. 7 April 1949

Edith Richmond
Edith Richmond
  • Birth*: Edith A Richmond was born on 26 April 1873 at Martin County, MN, USA.
  • Education*: She was educated in 1893; graduated from high school.1
  • Marriage*: She married Richard E Webb on 5 September 1901 at Windom, Cottonwood County, MN, USAG.
  • Residence*: Edith A Richmond lived in 1918 at Lakeland, Polk County, FL, USA; Moved to Lakeland Florida.1
  • Death*: She died on 7 April 1949 at age 75.
  • CauseDeath: Noted as cancer.1
  • ObituaryText: Mrs. Edith A. Webb was born in 1874 in Martin county, Minnesota. She was the only daughter of Welcome B. and Ida M. Richmond. She moved with her parents to St. James, Minn., then to Montevideo, Minn., where she graduated from high school in 1893. She taught school for several years in various counties in Minnesota.
    On Sept. 5, 1901 she was united in marriage to Richard E. Webb. They made their home in Norwood, Minn. for a number of years, then moved to Nashwauk, Minn. where they improved a 40-acre farm. Mr. Webb's health failed while doing this hard work, so in 1918, they moved to Lakeland, Fla. Mr. Webb died in May 1936. since then Mrs. Webb has resided in the home at 804 Lake Hollingworth Drive, Lakeland, Fla. She died April 7, 1949 from that dread disease, cancer. She had reached the age of 75 years, 11 months and 11 days.
    Funeral services were held in the chapel of Dukes-Steen Funeral Home Monday, april 11 at 2 p.m. Her pastor, Rev. T.S. Boehm officiated. Interment was made in Oak Hill Cemetery beside her husband.
    Mr. and Mrs. Shauberger sang two numbers, accompanied by Mrs. Bernard Ott. Casketbearers were D.H. Sloan, E.M. Knight, Weber Benner, E.P. Hixon, M.A. Tyner and E.M. Willis.
    Survivors include a brother, Dr. Chas. D. Richmond and a niece, Mrs. Ida Richmond Swartz, of Jeffers, Minn. Relatives from Lakeland, Fla. include nephews, George Margotta, Chas. S. and Marquis M. Pickard; nieces, Mrs. Paul Wheeler and Mrs. Julian Pipkin, formerly of Lakeland, and a brother-in-law, A.F. Pickard, also of Lakeland. Those from out-of-town attending the service were: Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Duroe of Kissimmee, Fla., Mr and Mrs. Asa Doane, Zephyrhills, Fla., Mr. and Mrs. Julian Pipkin of Arcadia, Fla.1
  • Burial*: She was buried after 7 April 1949 at Lakeland, Polk County, FL, USA.2
    Edith Webb gravestone, Oak Hill Burial Park. Photo courtesy of Donna McPherson.

Family: Richard E Webb b. 24 Jan 1870, d. 30 Apr 1936


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Clinton Charles Hansen

M, b. 25 April 1930, d. 5 May 1992
  • Residence: Clinton Charles Hansen lived at Dodge County 9, Dodge County, MN, USA.
    Hansen farmhouse
  • Birth*: He was born on 25 April 1930 at Wasioja Twp, Dodge County, MN, USAG.1
  • Graduation*: He was graduated circa 1949.
    Clinton Charles Hansen
  • MilitaryService*: Circa 1950.
    Clinton Hansen, Air Force
  • Medical*: Known medical issues:; 8 Jun 1962 vaccinated with Sabin Polio Vaccine. Also 7/6/1962, 10/19/1962, diabetes, heart attack 1984.
  • Occupation*: Resource analyst at IBM in 1990.1
    Clinton Hansen, IBM photo
  • Residence*: He lived in 1992 at 7115 Valley High DR NW, Byron, Olmsted County, MN, USA.1
  • Death*: He died on 5 May 1992 at 1441 122nd AVE NE, Viola Township, Olmsted County, MN, USA, at age 62.1
  • CauseDeath: Noted as Acute myocardial ischemia with arrhytmia due to coronoary artery disease. Other significant conditions: previous coronary artery bypass grafts, diabetes mellitus.1
  • ObituaryText: The funeral for Clinton C. Hansen will be 2 pm Friday at Concord Church of Christ in Old Concord with Mr Kevin Kastler officiating. Burial will be in Maple Grove Cemetery in Kasson. Mr Hansen, 62, of Byron, a retired manager of manufacturing at IBM, died of natural causes Tuesday (May 5, 1992) in rural Eyota. Born April 25, 1930, in Wasioja Township, Dodge County, he grew up there, graduated from Mantorville High School in 1948 and served in the Air Force from 1950 to 1953. On Aug 29, 1952, he married Lura Bell in Rushylvania, Ohio. After his military discharge, he returned to Dodge County and they farmed until 1957 and then he worked at IBM until his retirement in 1987. He and his wife moved to Byron in 1990. A member of Concord Church of Christ, he had served as an elder and was member of the Coronary Club of Rochester and the IBM Retirees. Survivors include his wife; three sons, Bruce of Burnsville, Minn., and Jeffery and Steve, both of Rochester, six grandchildren; and a sister, Alvina (Mrs David) Hubmer of Dodge Center. Friends may call from 6-8 pm today at Dibble Funeral home in Kasson and an hour before the service Friday at the church. Memorials are suggested to Concord Church of Christ or the American Heart Association. after 5 May 1992.2
  • Burial*: He was buried on 8 May 1992 at Kasson, Dodge County, MN, USAG.2,3
    Gravestone of Clinton Hansen in Maple Grove Cemetery
    Military marker for Clinton Hansen in Maple Grove Cemetery



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Edward James Richmond

M, b. 2 January 1882, d. 2 November 1883
  • Birth*: Edward James Richmond was born on 2 January 1882.
  • Death*: He died on 2 November 1883 at St James, Watonwan County, MN, USAG, at age 1.
  • ObituaryText: Death entered the family of Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Richmond on Thursday and they mourn the loss of a bright little two-year old boy. Its malady was lung fever. The funeral took place from the residence yesterday afternoon, Elder Norton officiating. The sympathies of the community are with the family in their affliction.1
  • Burial*: He was buried after 2 November 1883 at Saint James, Watonwan County, MN, USA; Cemetery deed dated March 6, 1884, Watonwan County, MN for Mount Hope cemetery. Lot number 78, block no 2 NE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Sec. 25, T106 R 32 West.
    Edward J Richmond gravestone, Mt Hope Cemetery. Photo courtesy of FAG Member Richard Jacobsen, #47880940


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Laurence William Quade

M, b. 2 September 1922, d. 6 January 1991
  • CauseDeath: Noted as myelbastic leukemia 3 months, consequence of Polycythemia vera 17 years.1
  • Residence*: Laurence William Quade and Patricia Jean Swartz lived at Cottonwood County, MN, USA.
    Laurence Quade farm, 1988
  • Birth*: Laurence William Quade was born on 2 September 1922 at Cottonwood County, MN, USA; Mn Birth Cert. #1922-0743.1
  • Graduation*: He was graduated circa 1940.
    Laurence Quade
  • Marriage*: He married Patricia Jean Swartz on 8 September 1948 at Jeffers, Cottonwood County, MN, USAG.2
    Patricia Swartz and Laurence Quade wedding, 1948
  • Occupation*: Farmer in 1991 at Storden Twp, Cottonwood County, MN, USAG.1
  • Death*: Laurence William Quade died on 6 January 1991 at Storden Twp, Cottonwood County, MN, USAG, at age 68.3,1
  • Burial*: He was buried after 6 January 1991 at Germantown Township, Cottonwood County, MN, USA.1,4,5
    Laurence and Patricia Quade gravestone, St. John's Cemetery
  • ObituaryText: In loving memory of Mr. Laurence William Quade. Funeral Service: Trinity Lutheran Church, Jeffers, Minnesota Wednesday, January 9, 1991 10:30 am. Officiating: Reverend Gerald Giese. Vocalist: Jolene Dammann "On Eagles Wings" "I was there to hear your borning cry". Organist: Jolene Dammann. Ushers: Mr. Marty Knoll, Mr. Earl Crowell. Casket Bearers: Elton Goeman, Lyndon Johnson, Elmer Carlbloom, Richard Sykora, Russell McCloud, Richard Menken. Interment: St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, Germantown Twp., Cottonwood County, Minnesota. A Memorial record. Laurence William Quade, the son of William and Minnie (Meyer) Quade, was born in Jeffers, MN on September 2, 1922. He was raised on the family farm, which he had occupied all of his life. He was received into the Christian faith through Holy Baptism and Confirmation in the Lutheran Church. Laurence attended school in Jeffers and graduated in the class of 1940. On September 8, 1948, Laurence was united in marriage to Patricia Swartz. They farmed and raised their family on the farm upon which he was raised. In 1945 and 46, he coached Boys Basketball in Jeffers. As an active member of Trinity Lutheran Church Laurence served his church as a Sunday School teacher, officer of the Men's Brotherhood, as a member of the Church Council and the Cemetery Board. He lived a fruitful life serving his community as a School Board Member for 20 years, a director of the R.E.A. for 20 years, Farm Bureau member, Ruritan member, and was currently the treasurer of Jacots. Laurence especially appreciated his family and friends, maintained an interest in farming even though he was retired and spent leisure time fishing, gardening, and reading. A serious blood disease, Polycythemia, greatly impaired his health for the last seventeen years. He died at his home on Sunday, the 6th of January at the age of 68 years, 4 months, and 4 days. He is survived by his wife, Patricia; 8 children: James of Jeffers; Janis (Mrs David Nickel) of Sanborn; William of Storden; Richard of Sanborn; Roger of Jeffers; Douglas of Jeffers; Connie (Mrs Gary Lowenthal) of Falcon Heights, MN; and Nancy of Jeffers. Also surviving are 20 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild; a sister Evelyn (Mrs Donald Oothoudt) of Winnebago and a brother, Ronald Quade of Waverly.3

Family: Patricia Jean Swartz b. 9 Aug 1928, d. 5 Nov 1999


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William August Frederick Quade

M, b. 18 March 1890, d. 24 July 1964

William August Quade, age 21
  • Occupation*: Farming.1
  • Num Child*: William August Frederick Quade had 3 children children.
  • Birth*: He was born on 18 March 1890 at Storden Twp, Cottonwood county, MN, USAG.1
  • Residence*: He lived in 1916 at Jeffers, Cottonwood County, MN, USA.
    Bill Quade farm about 1916
  • Marriage*: He married Minnie Rebecca Meyer on 27 December 1916 at Cherokee County, IA, USA.2,3
    Bill Quade and Minnie Meyer wedding - 1916
  • Misc*: William August Frederick Quade was (an unknown value) in 1926.
    Bill, Minnie, Evelyn and Laurence, 1926
  • Residence: He lived in 1949 at Jeffers, Cottonwood County, MN, USA.
    Bill and Minnie Quade's house in Jeffers in 1949
  • Death*: He died on 24 July 1964 at Worthington, Nobles County, MN, USAG, at age 74.1
  • CauseDeath: Noted as coronary thrombosis, 45 min. due to coronary artery sclerosis. Other significant conditions abenocarcinoma of prostate 11 years, secondary anemia.1
  • Burial*: He was buried on 27 July 1964 at Windom, Cottonwood County, MN, USAG.1,4
    William and Minnie Quade gravestone, Windom Memorial Garden
  • ObituaryText: Funeral services for William Quade, 74, lifetime resident of the Jeffers area were held at 10 am Monday, July 27, at the Jeffers Trinity Lutheran Church with the Rev. Herbert Haferman officiating. Mr. Quade passed away Friday morning, July 24 at the Worthington hospital. At the services Daniel Conrad sang "Softly and Tenderly Jesus is calling" and "My God and I". Jane Graff was the organist. Pallbearers included Arnold Quade, Raymond Quade, Carl Quade, Harold Conrad, Roland Menk and Orville Stene. Enterment was in the Resthaven Memorial Gardesn in Windom. William August Qude, son of August and Pauline Quade, was born March 18, 1890 in Storden township. On December 27, 1916, he was united in marriage to Minnie R Meyer. They made their home on the farm now occupied by a son for 32 years, moving to their home in Jeffers in 1949. Their union was blssed with three children. Mr. Quade was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church and had served on the church council as well as acting as treasurer and secretary of the congregation. He was a member of the building committee in 1939 and was a charter member of the Brotherhood. Mr. Quade had served on the Storden township board the Jeffers school board, and the Jeffers Farmers Elevator board. Surviving are his wife, Minnie, one daughter; Evelyn (Mrs Donald Oothoudt) of Winnebago; and two sons: Laurence of Jeffers and Ronald of Sioux falls. He is also survived by three brothers: Gustave of Pipsteon, Walter of Jeffers; and John of Grand Junction, Colo; and five sisters: Mrs Lee Hunt of Tooele, Utah; Mrs. Henry Steve of Sanborn; Mrs David Wiens of Duluth; Mrs Ervin Menk of Round Lake; and Mrs. Vernon Lans of No. Mankato.5

Family: Minnie Rebecca Meyer b. 15 May 1893, d. 6 Feb 1990


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Minnie Rebecca Meyer

F, b. 15 May 1893, d. 6 February 1990
  • Note*: FROM: Pat Quade
    "Ron always said they were from Posen Germany which may have been Poland at one time."
  • Birth*: Minnie Rebecca Meyer was born on 15 May 1893 at Cherokee County, IA, USA.1,2,3
  • Education*: She was educated in 1907; country school near Quimby.2
    Minnie Meyer, 1907 graduation
  • Marriage*: She married William August Frederick Quade on 27 December 1916 at Cherokee County, IA, USA.4,3
    Bill Quade and Minnie Meyer wedding - 1916
  • Confirmation*: Minnie Rebecca Meyer was confirmed on 16 November 1919 at Cottonwood County, MN, USA.5
  • Event-Misc*: She was A number of relatives and friends enjoyed a dancing party at the Wm. Quade home last Saturday night. The occasion being Mrs. Quade's birthday anniversary. At a late hour a fine lunch was served. The occasion was a surpise and Mrs. Quade received a number of nice presents as a remembrance of the event. on 14 May 1927.6
  • (Witness) Note: She was a witness (an unknown value) with Fred Henry Meyer on 11 September 1955.
    Meyer siblings: Fred, Tilla, Albert, Minnie - 1955
  • Death*: Minnie Rebecca Meyer died on 6 February 1990 at Springfield, Brown county, MN, USAG, at age 96; cardiopulmonary arrest due to congestive heart failure 25 years. Other conditions: acute pneumonia.1
  • Burial*: She was buried after 6 February 1990 at Windom, Cottonwood County, MN, USAG.1,2,7
    William and Minnie Quade gravestone, Windom Memorial Garden
  • Attributes*: She was My Grandma, Minnie Rebecca Quade, was born in 1893 and died on February 6, 1990. She had 96 years to develop, maintain, and share her sincere heart and she did! During some of those years there was a time to lean toward negative traits, but Grandma did not. She did not know greed. She did not know jealousy. She did not know ill will. She was full of joy, and she lived a life of loving and forgiving. Grandma's character and personality were grounded in her sense of spirituality. Her Bible was always on the table ready for her morning devotions. She was active in the church. She helped make blankets for street people, played a pump organ, and assisted with nurtuing activities of the church. She was very sure of what she believed, and firmly stated her feelings: "That doesn't seem right." "He shouldn't have done that." The church and her spiritual life were at the center of her beliefs.
    Grandma had a personality that was easy to like. She was easily tickled and had a ready laugh. She madeus feel treasured by her greeting with a big hug, favorite cookies and home-made bread and pies. When we visited, she was equall good at listening and story-telling. She was an active woman, "a hard-working German", my sister says. Gardneing, canning, baking, reading, singing and piano playing kept her busy. Grandma didn't need the time or distance of death to show or magnify her positive traits. She expressed her cheerfulness throughout her living, and people saw that in her. I feel honored that I was able to know Grandma when I was a child and as an adult. Because of that knowing, she was a model for me in old-fashioned clean leaving and loving. During her 96 years she was an angel in our midst. Now she is a saint amongst us. My prayer is for the strength to follow her example of a sincere, uplifted heart. Joy (Oothoudt) De Harpporte after 6 February 1990.
  • ObituaryText: Longtime Jeffers resident Minnie Quade, 96, died Feb. 6 at Springfield Community Hospital. Service was Feb. 10 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Jeffers with Rev. Gerald Giese officiating. Honorary pallbearers were grandsons: Mark, Doug, James, Bill, Roger and Richard Quade. Pallbearers were Harold Conrad, David Nelson, Glen Meyer, Raymond Quade, Orville Steeve, Roger Nelson and Leander Loewen. Interment was in Memory Garden Cemetery in Windom. Minnie Rebecca Meyer, daughter of Jacob and Clara Krock Meyer, was born May 15, 1893, in Cherokee County, Iowa. She graduated from a country school near Quimby, Iowa. Minnie married Bill Quade in 1916. The couple moved into a new house built west of Jeffers. She was active in the church, teaching Sunday School, playing the organ and participating in the women's activities. She loved to read and was a great storyteller. In 1949, Bill and Minnie left the farm and moved to Jeffers. They enjoyed gardening. Bill died in 1964. Minnie moved to St. John's Lutheran home last fall. Survivors include one daughter: Mrs. Evelyn Oothoudt of Winnebago; two sons, Laurence Quade of Jeffers and Ronald Quade of Waverly, Iowa; 15 grandchildren; 29 great-grandchildren; one sister, Florence Nelson of Marcus, Iowa; one brother, Donald Meyer of Dearborn, Mich.2

Family: William August Frederick Quade b. 18 Mar 1890, d. 24 Jul 1964


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Ella Nickel

F, b. 1907
  • Birth*: Ella Nickel was born in 1907.

Selma Sadie Nickel

F, b. 10 April 1908, d. 27 January 2011

Sadie Werner
  • Marriage*: Selma Sadie Nickel married Reinhart Henry Werner.
  • Birth*: Selma Sadie Nickel was born on 10 April 1908 at Cottonwood County, MN, USA.1
  • Death*: She died on 27 January 2011 at Springfield, Brown County, MN, USA, at age 102.1
  • Burial*: She was buried after 27 January 2011 at Springfield, Brown County, MN, USA.1
  • ObituaryText: Visitation: 2:00-5:00 p.m. January 30, 2011 at Sturm Funeral Home - Springfield
    Funeral Service: 10:30 a.m. January 31, 2011 at Springfield United Methodist Church
    Interment: 11:30 a.m. January 31, 2011 at Springfield City Cemetery

    102-year-old Selma Sadie Werner was born April 10, 1908, in Germantown Township, Cottonwood County the daughter of August and Louise (Pankonin) Nickel. She attended District #53 country school in Germantown Township. Following school, Selma babysat and helped with the housekeeping for her brother-in-law until her marriage to Walter Gerth at the family home. The couple farmed in Germantown Township. Selma was united in marriage to Reinhart Werner in 1942. They farmed in North Star Township until 1958 before moving to Redwood Falls, then Springfield in the mid-70's. She worked with families making draperies and babysat for families for many years after moving to Springfield. Reinhart died in 1977 and Selma continued to live in her home until moving to St. John Lutheran Home in 2002. She was baptized and confirmed at Red Rock EUB Church, was a former member of Germantown EUB Church and Redwood Falls UMC, and then became a member of the Springfield UMC. Selma enjoyed sewing, crocheting, playing cards, and reading. She especially enjoyed traveling to Pennsylvania to see Roger and playing piano with her sister Agnes.

    Selma Werner died Thursday, January 27, 2011, at St. John Lutheran Home at the age of 102 years.

    She is survived by son Roger Gerth of Sewickley, PA; step-grandchildren- Debra Latocha and Pamela Hundley; step-great-grandchildren- Eric Schneider and Tiffany Rockage; and sister Agnes Kosel of Jeffers. She was preceded in death by her parents; husbands Walter and Reinhart; son Dale Gerth in infancy; daughter-in-law Grace Gerth; sisters- Lydia Essig and Ella Dammann; and brothers- Henry and Ervin Nickel.
    Appreciation to Sturm Funeral and Cremation Services for obituary and photo.1

Family: Reinhart Henry Werner b. 10 Aug 1896, d. 23 Apr 1977


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