Louise Bethke

F, b. 24 August 1840, d. 12 January
  • Death*: Louise Bethke died on 12 January.
  • Birth*: She was born on 24 August 1840 at Germany.
  • Marriage*: She married Frederick Schwanke on 13 February 1860 at Lobsens, Posen, Preussen; "courtship...was apparently short, for it was said they went together one month and then were married..."1

Family: Frederick Schwanke b. 8 Sep 1831, d. 10 Jan 1913


  1. [S967] Matthias Zacharias, Fredrick and Louise Schwanke.

Gustave Julius Schwanke

M, b. 20 January 1861, d. 5 November 1951

Family: Albertina Henrietta Schwanke b. 8 Sep 1870, d. 5 Feb 1952

William J Swartz

M, b. 6 December 1861, d. 2 July 1928

Family: Minnie F (?) b. 1860, d. 1927


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Adolph Edward Schwanke

M, b. 22 November 1862, d. 27 December 1953

Caroline Pauline Schwanke

F, b. 8 September 1864, d. 21 March 1951
  • Birth*: Caroline Pauline Schwanke was born on 8 September 1864.
  • Marriage*: She married William Frederick Schuelke on 28 May 1890.
  • Death*: Caroline Pauline Schwanke died on 21 March 1951 at age 86.

Family: William Frederick Schuelke b. 19 Sep 1860, d. 3 Jan 1941

Augusta Schwanke

F, b. 17 February 1867, d. 6 May 1882

Mathilda Julianne Schwanke

F, b. 8 January 1869, d. 12 October 1953

Family: William Walter b. 15 Feb 1861, d. 24 May 1947

William Alfred Schwanke


Family: Dorothea Augusta Pantico

Ida Louise Schwanke

F, b. 30 September 1873, d. 5 January 1959
  • Birth*: Ida Louise Schwanke was born on 30 September 1873.
  • Marriage*: She married Jacob Sturm on 14 April 1891.
  • Death*: Ida Louise Schwanke died on 5 January 1959 at age 85.

Family: Jacob Sturm b. 16 Feb 1856

Theodore William Schwanke

M, b. 27 March 1878, d. 11 May 1965

Family: Anna Marie Helen Block d. 5 Aug 1954


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Helen Schwanke

F, b. 10 May 1880, d. 3 January 1951
  • Birth*: Helen Schwanke was born on 10 May 1880.
  • Death*: She died on 3 January 1951 at age 70.

Amelia Schwanke

F, b. 5 June 1882, d. 9 December 1967
  • Birth*: Amelia Schwanke was born on 5 June 1882.
  • Death*: She died on 9 December 1967 at age 85.

Albert Fredrick Schwanke

M, b. 17 April 1886, d. 26 July 1943

Burdette V Swartz

M, b. 5 May 1866, d. ?apr 1930 or 1938

Dorothea Augusta Pantico


Family: William Alfred Schwanke

Daniel Gottlieb Schwanke

M, b. 26 January 1828, d. 26 December 1906

Family: Whilmina Pauline Kubehl b. 1847, d. 1934

Justine Zuymar

  • Name Variation: Justine Zuymar was also known as could be Justina Ziesmer.
  • Immigration*: She immigrated circa 1867.1



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Richard James Bergquist

M, b. 28 April 1930, d. 6 November 1988

Anders Sigfried Bergquist

M, d. circa 1958
  • Birth*: Anders Sigfried Bergquist was born at Sweden.
  • Note*: FROM: Naturalization record 2128477 Petition v.3 #211 Watonwan Co. 10/6/1925
    Listed name as Andrew No wife listed
    Children listed as: (all of St. James)
    Lorane Gertrude 12/22/1916
    Vincent Lemist 7/16/14
    Doloras LaVon 12/9/1917
    Donald John Gustave 5/23/1925
    43 years, 5 ft 9" white Blue eyes, hair light
    Little finger on right hand amputated.
  • Marriage*: He married Emma A Peterson on 29 December 1913 at West Sveadahl, Watonwan County, MN, USAG.
  • Death*: Anders Sigfried Bergquist died circa 1958 at Watonwan County, MN, USA.

Family: Emma A Peterson b. 1896, d. 9 Apr 1959

Emma A Peterson

F, b. 1896, d. 9 April 1959

Family: Anders Sigfried Bergquist d. c 1958

Delrose Mae Pankonin

F, b. 4 April 1934, d. 23 July 2015

Delrose Swartz, 2010

Family: Stanley Lewis Swartz b. 4 Oct 1932, d. 13 Jun 2004

George Peter Swartz

M, b. 24 May 1859, d. 26 October 1932
  • Note*: GPS "one of the substantial and well known citizens of Stockholm Township,
    Crawford Co, was born May 24, 1859, in Clinton Co, Iowa, son of Henry P and Eliza Koch Swartz, both of whom were natives of Pennsylvania, whence they moved in 1855 to a farm in Clinton Co, Iowa. GPS attended the public schools and remained on the home farm until 23 years old, when he rented 120 acres of land in Cedar Co. Iowa which he cultivated for about 1 year. He then went to Jones
    county, located on 160 acres and remained there 2 years. At the end of that time he returned to Cedar co for 1 year after which he moved to Ida county and there engaged in farming and various other industries until 1894, when he went to Minnesota and rented one half section of land near what is now know as Westbrook. There he resided until 1900 and then removed to Pine Co, MN, where he bought 40 acres and remained there until 1905, in which year he came to Crawford Co, and purchased what is now his home in Boyer, Stockholm Township. He has been married twice. First wife being Anna Nash, daughter of William and
    Mary Gates Nash of Cedar Co Iowa. Wedded fall 1883 at Tipton Iowa. Three
    children: two living Catherine E. wife of Cliff Lawrence and Angie Irene wife
    of George Maynard. Anna died 1887 at Clarence, Cedar Co Iowa. Jan. 30 1901, GPS married Lydia Erickson, daughter of John A and Martha Erickson Mr. Swartz in his political relations is a stalwart republican and has always given his support to the men and principles of that party. Fraternally he is connected with the Modern Brotherhood Association. His life has been one of industry, bringing to his work an intelligent appreciation of all that goes to make success and that he has attained this goal is manifested by the prosperity
    which he at present enjoys.1
  • Birth*: George Peter Swartz was born on 24 May 1859 at Clinton County, IA, USA.
  • Occupation: Farm laborer in June 1880 at Dayton Twn, Cedar County, IA, USA.2
  • Marriage*: He married Anna E Nash in 1883 at Tipton, Cedar County, IA, USAG.
  • Occupation: Farmer in June 1900 at Amo Twn, Cottonwood County, MN, USA.2
  • Marriage*: George Peter Swartz married Lydia Erickson on 30 January 1901 at Kiron, Crawford County, IA, USA.2
  • Occupation*: Grain elevator manager in 1910 at Stockholm Twn, Crawford County, IA, USA.2
  • Occupation: Grain elevator manager in 1920 at Boyer, Crawford County, IA, USA.2
  • Death*: George Peter Swartz died on 26 October 1932 at Kiron, Crawford County, IA, USAG, at age 73.
  • ObituaryText: Mr. George P. Swartz, 73 years of age, passed away at his home in Boyer, Iowa on Wednesday, October 26, 1932 at 7:30 pm. Death came as a relief to him, despite all the loving care of his wife, relatives and many friends. The funeral was held Sunday last at the M.E. church in Boyer, and the remains were laid to rest in the Kiron cemetery. A large circle of friends attended the funeral and burial. The deceased leaves to mourn his passing, his widow, Mrs. Lydia Erickson-Swartz, to whom he was married in 1901; one brother, Burdett V. Swartz of Long Beach, Calif; two daughters, Mrs. Kate Lawrence of Houston, Texas and Mrs. George Maynard of Lake View; and son George F. Swartz, of Boyer, besides other relatives and a large number of friends. Mr. Swartz was born May 24, 1859 in Clinton county, Iowa. He was the son of Henry P. and Elizabeth Swartz, both natives of Pennsylvania. At the time of his death, he was 73 years, 5 months and 2 days of age. He was one of the substantial and well informed men of Stockholm township. He had spent most of his early life on farms in Minnesota and Iow, settling in Boyer in 1907. In his political relations he had always been a republican and always gave his support to the men and principles of that party. A loving husband, father and friends, he wil be greatly missed in the community in which he lived. after 26 October 1932.3
  • Burial*: He was buried after 26 October 1932 at Kiron, Crawford County, IA, USA.2
    George Swartz gravestone, Kiron Cemetery. Photo courtesy of C. Roth

Family 1: Anna E Nash b. 21 Nov 1862, d. 16 Sep 1887

Family 2: Lydia Erickson b. 23 Nov 1869, d. 27 Mar 1952


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Elmer Martin Imlay

M, b. 12 July 1887, d. 1 March 1954

Family: Hannah Jane Jones b. 3 Mar 1896


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Hannah Jane Jones

F, b. 3 March 1896

Family: Elmer Martin Imlay b. 12 Jul 1887, d. 1 Mar 1954