Richmond house photo, 1950s

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Genealogy is a hobby I never seem to have time for...when I retire, maybe. But sometimes I do work on these surnames: Swartz, Pankonin, Richmond, Bell, Noble, Hansen, Gode, Kissner, Jensen, Springer, Koch, all from Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Personal data for living persons has been masked since 1900.

Surname database has been updated January 2014. Check out the new Calendar - showing births, marriages and deaths of the ancestors.

Please contact me if you have additions/corrections. I am still adding sources to much of the data. In my younger and stupider days, I didn't think referencing a source was important.

My tree on - not quite synched to my current data but close. Maybe I'll spring for the subscription this year and check out those "leaves".




Old Things
I love old things...old books...old friends,
The lovely way an old tree bends
Above a little clapboard house,
A tiny yard still as a mouse.

A zigzag fence of cedar rails,
A stout old ship with mended sails,
Tall trees around a village square,
A chest of thin, old silverware.

An old log house beyond the town,
Its oaken rafters falling down,
Yet holding in each chimney stone
An ageless beauty of its own.

I love the sheen of oaken  floors,
Wrought iron hinges on old doors,
The sound that flowing water makes
The weathered brown of cedar shakes.

I love old things...timeworn and frayed,
Upon whose heart the years have laid
A kindly touch as if to show
The beauty of their inner glow.

Edna Jaques

last updated 1/18/14