Richmond house photo, 1950s

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Genealogy is a hobby I never seem to have time for...when I retire, maybe. But sometimes I do work on these surnames: Swartz, Pankonin, Richmond, Bell, Noble, Hansen, Gode, Kissner, Jensen, Springer, Koch, Easton all from Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconin, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Personal data for living persons has been masked since 1900.

Surname database has been updated February 2016. Check out the new Calendar - showing births, marriages and deaths of the ancestors. A few other "new' features: each person has a 'page', image gallery of all the primary person photos and the pages should render better on different size devices.

Please contact me if you have additions/corrections. For relatives, I would be happy to work with you to digitize photos and documents.

I am still adding sources to much of the data. In my younger and stupider days, I didn't think referencing a source was important.

My tree on - not quite synched to my current data but close. Maybe I'll spring for the subscription this year and check out those "leaves". PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE PHOTOS I POST AND ADD THEM TO ANCESTRY AS YOUR OWN WITHOUT ASKING ME FOR PERMISSION.

I've done quite a bit of work entering family on Family - hoping to get all my records transferred to this site so my kids don't have to do anything with my files. You can have a free account here and start linking to your ancestors. When you find one we have in common, all my information on that person will appear in your tree... better than shaking leaves (




Old Things
I love old things...old books...old friends,
The lovely way an old tree bends
Above a little clapboard house,
A tiny yard still as a mouse.

A zigzag fence of cedar rails,
A stout old ship with mended sails,
Tall trees around a village square,
A chest of thin, old silverware.

An old log house beyond the town,
Its oaken rafters falling down,
Yet holding in each chimney stone
An ageless beauty of its own.

I love the sheen of oaken  floors,
Wrought iron hinges on old doors,
The sound that flowing water makes
The weathered brown of cedar shakes.

I love old things...timeworn and frayed,
Upon whose heart the years have laid
A kindly touch as if to show
The beauty of their inner glow.

Edna Jaques

last updated 2/19/16